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Nora, the tripod rescued from Iran


One challenge after the other…..

December 1st, 2016 · 12 Comments · Uncategorized

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Let’s start with the good news – Nora went in for her neurology follow up at AMC last Saturday. The month of crate/bed rest worked, and she has healed really well. She was cleared to start slowly building up to normal activities over the next month. She was REALLY happy to finally get to go for a walk, however short.

The new challenge though…..Over this last month of rest, pain meds and sedatives Nora has had a few incidents where she lost control of her bladder while asleep. We have taken turns sleeping with her on the couch (since she was restricted to our small living room), and on several occasions we would wake up in a pool of pee with Nora. Both the vets and we assumed this was just due to her being too sedated in her sleep.

Yesterday, after having been taken off all sedatives since Saturday – we found she had peed her bed again. She wasn’t even really deeply asleep, just snoozing and resting. Something was not right.

We took her in to our regular vet today to rule out a UTI, bladder stones or crystals. She didn’t show the classic signs of a UTI – no painful urination or frequent urination, but better safe than sorry. The ultrasound of her bladder didn’t show any stones or crystals, and we should have the results of the urinalysis tomorrow (urine culture takes a few more days). If this is not a UTI, we might be dealing with incontinence. Thankfully, there are meds to help Nora regain bladder control if that’s what is going on.

No matter what this is, we will get through it. Nora is still a happy girl, in spite of everything.

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  • hester

    I am glad to hear about Nora, but sorry about the leaking!!!!

    Still, for the moment, this is largely good stuff. And she looks so happy!!!

  • dobemom

    Yay for good news! As for the other, I have plenty of experience with this. The metronomic therapy Nitro was on most likely contributed to his inconntinence problems; plus he’s “mature” at 11 years old. We do acupuncuture to help with this, but have resigned ourselves to putting a diaper on at night. In the grand scheme of things that could be wrong, we will take this and be thankful.

    Paula and nitro

    • vibeke

      Thank you, Paula! I’m sorry to hear you and Nitro have had to deal with this as well. Our vets told us Nora’s incontinence could be managed with meds, IF that’s what it turns out to be. Still waiting on urinalysis and urine culture results. You’re right though – in the grand scheme of things, this one is minor.

  • benny55

    NORA!!! You certainly are one-of-a-kind in sooo many ways, especially when it comes to…er…”challenges”!

    Yeah, if it just means diapers at bedtime, all things considered, that’s not too bad. Miss Nora might not be too keen on the idea too!

    Glad to hear that her disc issue seems to be resolved. I’m sure she’s glad to start having her walks again and without being drugged!

    All I can say is, thank goD Nora has her furever home with you!! You two are giving her the very best possible care and giving her so much love! Just warms my heart to know how loved she is now with you two!

    Lots of love and hugs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • otisandtess

    You are just the most wonderful parents Nora could have found. What a miracle that she found a home with you!

  • mom2shelby

    NORA!!! Aren’t you the most blessed dog – ever!!! So glad you are healing well (and thank you for updating us). Fingers crossed for an easy fix for the bladder issues.

    I love her happy smile! She looks great!!!

    Great job mom and dad. She’s so lucky to have you!
    Alison with Spirit Shelby in her heart

  • linda8115

    As soon as I read your post I thought of Paula and her journey with Nitro. Nora looks great and is so lucky to have such great pawrents as you! Other than the incontinence it sounds like Nora is doing great! Thanks for a great update!

  • winston01

    Rescue cocker, Winston, with one front leg. Noticed he was not fully shaking his head. Then noticed a big change in his gait. He tends to collapse on that remaining front leg — frequently. Took him to vet (of course) and x-ray shows problem between C5 and C6. On predisone for three days now. Not much improvement in walking, but in much better spirits. Any additional info you can share on your tri-pod with disc problems? Was surgery an option? Or, will the cage rest eliminate the disc problem? Did nora have steroids?
    I haven’t even gone back for a follow-up vet visit yet, I’m just so worried about worse-case scenario (surgery).
    Thank you for your time

    • vibeke

      I’m so sorry to hear about Winston 🙁
      Surgery would have been the option had Nora not healed with cage rest.
      Nora was not put on steroids – she was put on gabapentin (painkiller), trazadone (anti anxiety/sedative) and codeine.
      I really encourage you to go for the follow up. Not knowing is always more nerve racking….

  • winston01

    Oh yes, we are definitely going for the follow-up. The vet wanted a week on steroids before we go back which is on Mon. Dec 5th. My mind is just jumping ahead and worrying about what we will hear. I sure hope that cage rest will be the next ‘step’ and NOT surgery.
    Has nora had another x-ray to see if her disc compression has improved? If so, can she go back to normal activity in a few weeks … or is it more like several months until you can risk long walks and runs, etc.??

    • vibeke

      We actually didn’t take x-rays. The neurology dept said x-rays wouldn’t be able to tell. If this month of rest hadn’t helped, we would have done an MRI for imaging, followed by surgery. Nora didn’t have disc compression, she had a ruptured cervical disc. The neurologist we saw was able to find the origin of her pain, just by palpating her neck and chest to find where she was painful.
      She can not go back to full normal activity immediately. We’re supposed to slowly build up to normal activity over the next month.

  • benny55

    WINSTON! This is not unheard of at all in tripawds. I strongly suggest you post over in the forums so others who jave been through this can offer support suggestions too!

    Just like with ora, there have been a variety of no surgical ways to treat rhis. And yes, INTENSE rest is required and the Vet should jave already started Winston on it!

    There are all sorts of mind ga.e puzzles you can play with Winston to keep him from getting bored.

    Please keep us uldated and I hope you hop over to the forums!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

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