This brought us to (happy) tears….

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The rescue group in Iran who initially rescued Nora (Mazandaran Rescue Team) and who connected with Beagle Freedom Project/ARME in the US to get her transported here for medical care and adoption – posted this video on Facebook today as a thank you to me and my husband today…

It was very emotional for us – she’s come so far!!!

Link to the video:

نورا خانم در آمریکا…..Nora enjoying her great life in Americaشاید خیلی از دوستان این بچه رو بشناسن. زبون بسته ای که پارسال شمال پیدا شد و ظاهراً دستش رو با ارۀ برقی بریده بودن. اون موقع دوستانی که پیداش کردن اسمشو گذاشتن "سین" و بعدش شد "نورا". این بچه داستانش طولانیه و ما نمی خوایم وارد حواشی بشیم. نمیدونیم کسی براش پولی جمع کرده یا نه، نمیدونیم کسی خوشبختی این بچه رو به اسم خودش تموم کرده یا نه. چند تا پیج آمدن گفتن داستان این بچه اصلاً دروغ بوده، چنین سگی وجود نداشته، یه عده آمدن گفتن این بچه رو کشتن. به هر حال این بچه بعد از کلی دست به دست شدن و در حالیکه هیچ درمان خاصی روی دستش صورت نگرفته بود با دست عفونت کرده و وضعی نامناسب توسط جناب آقای مهندس وشتانی گرامی به آمل منتقل شد. طی تماسی که با ایشون داشتیم نظرشون این بود که با توجه به شرایطی که داره اگر بتونه به خارج از کشور بره، بهتر میشه. و همینطور هم شد. ما فقط نقش کوچکی در پیدا کردنه مکانی مناسب و خانواده ای خوب در آمریکا برای این بچه داشتیم. چند ماه زحمت درمان و نگهداری گردنه آقای مهندس وشتانی بود و هزینه های درمان اون مدت همراه با هزینۀ بلیط و باکس توسط ایشون پرداخت شد. صد دروداین گزارش فقط برای تشکر از خانوادۀ نورا در آمریکا و افرادیکه سهمی در خوشخبتی این بچه داشتن و برای رد کردن حرفهای واهی ای که در مورد این بچه زدن، تهیه شده. البته حتماً دوستان از تماشای خوشبختی این سگ زجر کشیده لذت خواهند برد. با تشکر از توجه همگی We would like to dedicate this movie to Vibeke and Creig for being such an awesome and loving couple. Special thanks to Beagle Freedom Project for accepting Nora from Iran and our deep gratitude to Sara for getting Nora into the AMC to the rescue program. You all rock! Thank you.

Posted by ‎نقاهتگاه سگ مریم صانعی – MRT Sanctuary‎ on Monday, August 1, 2016

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10 thoughts on “This brought us to (happy) tears….”

  1. I am sitting here with tears running down my face … so much joy and love for your family. Nora is truly amazing … the true testament and love of a dog. She has the absolute BEST forever home with you both. Thank you for rescuing her.

    I can see why you are emotional… you live with her. I am just an outsider crying happy tears of joy!

    So much love!!!

    Alison with Spirit Shelby in her heart (and little jasper too)

  2. I am so glad Sally pointed me here so I did not miss this wonderful post and the video on FB.

    Beautiful Nora has blossomed with your love and in your home. And thanks to the care of the teams that rescued her after that unspeakable act.

    Thank you for giving her the best home she could possibly have and such love and dedication!

    Lisa and Pofi dog

  3. Nora and family –

    I cannot believe I missed your story. Wow – what you have done for her is incredible and it is so amazing to see how safe she feels with you.

    I brought my dog back from Sierra Leone – she lived on the street when she was young and was not treated well, which is how we ended up here – and from browsing your blog, it looks like she has a lot of the same fears and behaviors that Nora does. If you ever want to chat about training, I’d love to hear about how you’ve been working with her and would be thrilled to pass on books, etc, that I’ve used to work with Jack that I no longer need.


    1. So nice to hear from you, Sarah – and thank you for saving your dog from the streets!!
      It took us a long time to help her overcome her fears and anxiety, but honestly I was surprised she didn’t have MORE behavioral issues considering her background. I would LOVE to chat with you about training. I’m not on Tripawds as often as I should, so for a quicker reply you can email me at

  4. Awe tears of joy here for beautiful Nora and the blessed people who loved her and gave her the best furever home. You two truly are Angels on earth and Nora reaps the benefits of that. She’s come so far thanks to your love and guidance. Thanks to you Nora has become the dog she was meant to be a proud, confident and oh so loved.
    Linda, Riley & Spirits Mighty Max & Ollie

  5. What an amazing video! Nora truly embodies what it means to “Be More Dog”. What a horrific beginning she had, only to become a happy, much-loved dog. I love how she plays with the small dog and her kitties. You are all so lucky to have found each other.

    Paula and Nitro

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