Greetings from Nora and her ‘crew’!

it’s been a while…again, so we figured an update was due 😊

Nora continues to thrive as a senior pup. Her zest for life has taken zero hits in spite of the normal age related ailments that is to be expected in a senior tripawd.
She still goes to hydrotherapy regularly, and it’s truly been amazing to see her confidence in the pool grow to where she now jumps into the water and swims all on her own. My face hurts from smiling every time we leave the rehab facility. It’s taken some time to get her to actually enjoy the water – so yes- it is possible to do hydrotherapy with a dog that’s not a big fan of water. It needs to be done slowly and carefully in the beginning. Even though she didn’t love her first sessions, she was relaxed and able to take things at her own speed. The benefits we’ve seen to maintaining musculature and ROM with the swimming is absolutely amazing. She also gets stretching and massages by the therapists while in the heated pool.
We also use the Assisi loop daily at home, and we’ve noticed a big improvement in her muscle tension between hydrotherapy sessions.
She also loves massages at home. The rehab therapists showed us how to use an electric blanket on lowest settings for 5 minutes before doing light therapeutic massage.

Last summer, Nora’s cat brother and best friend, George, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of liver cancer. It was devastating. Only 6 months after we had to say goodbye to our oldest cat, Kai. The difference was that George wasn’t sick….at all. The growth was palpated on a routine checkup, meanwhile at home he was eating well and eating paying like a kitten. We followed up with a CT scan and biopsy that confirmed a large growth on his liver.
initially they thought surgery would be curative and George went into surgery where they successfully removed the entire tumor with clear margins. George bounced back from surgery in record time, but further biopsies showed a grim prognosis. Cholageocellular carcinoma. The prognosis was 3-6 months even WITH chemo. Normally that would have given me the answers I needed. I never want to prolong suffering. However, George still wasn’t showing any signs of illness AT ALL. At home he was eating, playing (he’s more active than my 5 year old cats) – no vomiting or diarrhea at all. So I made the choice to fight and we started chemo. 7 months later, he’s still doing great. Acting like his normal self. Handling chemo like a trooper. We know his particular cancer is aggressive and that it most likely will come back, but as long as he has full quality of life and shows no signs of giving up – neither will we. Nora has been George’s chemo buddy. Riding with him in the back seat to and from chemo appointments. George was always her ‘thunder buddy’ and comfort cat during fireworks and thunderstorms, so Nora is returning the favor.

We feel so blessed to have such amazing animals in our family ❤️

Attaching a few videos displaying Nora’s love for food/treats. She is pure joy!

7 thoughts on “Greetings from Nora and her ‘crew’!”

  1. Awww you MADE MY DAY! Thank you for the super cool update. Nora looks fantastic! She looks nowhere near what a senior Tripawd normally looks and acts like. You have done such a remarkable job staying on top of her rehab and what she needs to grow old like a rock star.

    I’m so sorry about Kai. What a terrible time you guys have had! Really glad that George is kickin’ butt. Sounds like Nora’s Tripawd Power is helping him beat the cancer. Good for you for following your gut instinct. May he have lots and lots of happy times with you and Nora.


    1. Thank you, Jerry! Nora truly is the embodiment of fighting spirit. We’ve done as much as we could to support her but she must also be blessed with really good genetics. She’s been through more than any dog should ever have to endure, but she never gave up.

  2. Nora is so beautiful and adorable! I just came across this looking at the recent blogs and then I went and read your first post about how you got her. It’s wonderful to see what a long, happy life she’s having after all she went through.

  3. Absolutely thrilled to hear from Nora and see her sweet videos! She looks so happy and clearly is doing extremely well. Without a doubt, you are giving her the best life, a life all dogs wish they could have!
    While there is a lot to be celebrated in your post, I am so very sorry that your sweet Kai had to head to the Rainbow Bridge. I know you have a sweet Guardian Angel watching over you now.
    George is quite the miracle kitty! He’s showing everyone he IS a fighter and he is not a “one fits all” statistic.
    I love that Feorge and Nora have become buddies and protect each other ♥️
    Thanks for the tip avout a low setting on the heating blanket before massaging. I know Nora thoroughly enjoys all your loving care.
    It really is good to hear from Nora and to know she’s rockin’ life on three. Your care is exquisite and the therapies clearly serve her well.
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. P.S.
    Wanted to add how comfortable effortless she seemed swimming.
    Her happy dance when she got her Bully stick and her little twirl when wanting her dinner……priceless. She certainly knows how to ‘speak” for her supper!.George really is a chill kitty. I dont think I’ve ever seen a cat so relaxed when driving in the car. These two are definitely special friends.
    Nora is so pretty….just love her♥️

    1. Sally! We missed you too! Thank you for your kind words. George and Nora have had a special bond from very early on, which actually surprised us since George has always been a scaredy cat with everyone except me. This scaredy cat was totally fine with the two loudest things known to man in the universe though – fireworks and Nora 😉 He always supported her during fireworks season – year after year. Nora really loves him too.

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